Collection: Dreamlike

Step into a world where reality and imagination become harmonious. Eddy Jack Humphrey presents Dreamlike, a series of portrait collections, connecting themes of happiness, imagination and wonder. Drawing upon his passion for the camera, Eddy photographs the real nature of people, allowing him to understand their personalities and characters. He transforms these photographs into ethereal portraits by melding the elements of the camera, with drawing or painting materials that respond to his emotional expression. His artistic vision to combine the real and the imagined highlights the distinctive originality within each portrait masterpiece.

A graduate of the renowned National Art School, Eddy remains committed to his artistic journey. His artistic prowess has garnered publicity and recognition, and notable achievements include securing a spot in the 2018 Salon des Refusés and being a finalist in the prestigious 2020 Archibald Portrait Prize, among others. Eddy is a passionate visual and multimedia artist who pays his respects to the Darug and GuriNgai peoples of the land he practices on.

Collection Date: 2023-24